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You may find some great aviary  ideas in our featured aviaries from around the world.

Howard's "Finchley Park" aviary from Durban, South Africa.


"How did my love for birds come about? When I was about 9 or 10, I found an abandoned sparrow hatchling while on a holiday down the Natal South Coast. I refused to go home until the baby bird was strong enough to fend for itself."   

Andy's "Back Garden" aviary from Victoria, Australia.     


"Andy has just built a brand new aviary. Well I should say his father-in-law did! He has taken photographs of each stage of the building process to share with other enthusiasts."   

Pascal’s “Cage Specialist" aviary from Lebanon.


"I was first introduced to Gouldians many years ago, when I was just a kid. Those birds were in existent in Lebanon, you have to remember that we were at war then, and bird keeping was the least thing on people’s mind."   

Mike's  "Extreme Weather" aviary from Winnipeg, Canada.


"My aviary is called Candor Aviaries and I specialise in the Gouldian finch and have raised them for about 12 years. I keep a variety of other birds however my first love is the Gouldian. To me it is the Cadillac of finches."

Russ's "Large Specialist" aviaries from Victoria, Australia.


"My previous experiences with bird keeping included ten years of breeding and racing pigeons as a teenager.  Although quite different species, my aim then was similar to my aim now  twenty years later, to breed a robust strain of hardy free breeding birds."  

Kevin’s "Team Built" aviary from Vancouver Island, Canada.


"I called on my friends to come by for a Saturday in May for a working bee to put the rest of the aviary up on the back patio. My friends include an electrician, a doctor, a welder and a machinist. I printed off a rough design and we followed it."  

Grant's "Picture Perfect" aviary from Victoria, Australia.


"My father introduced me to Gouldian finches. Dad had been breeding Budgerigars, Grass Parrots, Bourkes Parrots, etc, for many years as a back-yard hobby. Each time he needed a new aviary, he built one and we all helped in the construction."    

Jill's "Valley View" aviary from Queensland, Australia.


"My daughter told us that we needed a hobby, the gardens were done, the house painted and we found ourselves RETIRED watching the grass grow. Instead of a bird cage we definitely needed an aviary, so my husband set about building one!"   

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