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How We Started

On 4th February 1995, we purchased four Gouldian Finches, a pair of red heads and a pair of black heads.


I used consecutive numbering to identify each finch and so the four Gouldian Finches were recorded as Red Headed Cock 1 (Monte), Red Headed Hen 2 (Cindy), Black Headed Cock 3 (Harvey), and Black Headed Hen 4 (Stacey).


Each Gouldian Finch bred in the aviary thereafter, was rung with a split coloured plastic leg band and given a consecutive number for identification.


Only Red Headed Cock 1, known as "Monte", survived my inexperience of keeping Gouldian Finches.

Monte is the foundation member of our strong and free breeding colony today.


Unfortunately Monte died on 9th December 2001, aged approximately 7 years 10 months. 


The entire life of each Gouldian finch in our aviaries is thoroughly documented, covering all aspects of their life in the aviary. I record the information on the computer, with Microsoft Word, using appropriately titled folders. 

Each Gouldian Finch has its own unique personality. They are a peaceful Australian Grass Finch that thrives on a colony environment. They are most definitely a social finch, preferring to flock feed, bathe together, explore together and roost together high in the branches.


So after many trials and tribulations, deaths from illness and accidents, escapes and drowning, we hope to be on the fresh hold of conquering the safe keeping and breeding of healthy, happy and hardy, colony bred Gouldian Finches.