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About Us

Hello, my name is Paul and I am the author and creator of the My Gouldian Aviary website.


I first tinkered with building this website in the year 1999. Back then there were not many bird websites like there are today. I was inspired to build this website by two of my favourite hobby sites called, "Gouldian Gardens" and "Little Birds".  Sadly they no longer exist.


Little did I know back then that the website was going to become so popular or the catalyst for others to build their own finch websites or for so many enthusiasts to build their own garden aviary and begin an enjoyable hobby.


I will always be indebted to Pascal who lives in Lebanon.  He designed the My Gouldian Aviary banner logo that can be seen at the top of each website page and gave it to me as a gift many years ago. 


You can visit Pascal's aviary here