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Paul Walker
Hobby Aviculturalist & Photographer

Hello and welcome to this website. My name is Paul Walker and I have been keeping Gouldian finches as a hobby since 1995.


I  first published the My Gouldian Aviary website  in December 1999 to share my experiences and photographs of housing the Gouldian Finch. 

Over the last 20 years we have developed a strong strain of Gouldians that are all descended from our very first purchase in 1994.


This Gouldian was a red headed male named Montezuma. Read More

Our aim is to produce colony bred Gouldian finches in our landscaped garden aviary setting to ensure the survival of our little and much loved colony.


​We also house a variety of other small compatiable social finches that live in perfect harmony with the Gouldians.

In 2020 we moved to South Gippsland and have since  completed construction of a new large aviary. All the finches have settled in well to their new home. 

Our previous two old garden aviaries were made from pine logs and were named the Cottage and Church Aviary due to their design. Read More


​All the photographs displayed throughout this website are of our finches.


If you would like access to any photograph for a school project, magazine, newsletter article or other publication, please contact us.


We hope you enjoy the website and find it of some benefit in your quest to successfully house this truly glorious Australian grass finch!

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